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Sailing through the ocean even without a straw – An experiential story on reverse engineering

By Keshav Tripathy, Nirmalya Labs

It was one of those complex and challenging customer requirements, wherein one of the large fortune companies wanted to transform/migrate some of their key legacy applications using the current internet and mobile based technology stacks. I am sure they would have done their business justification to do this. The requirement came to us for providing them a solution approach and subsequent architectural solution for the re-engineering and migration.

Upon our subsequent due diligence, we found out that there were no documentation whatsoever available about the old legacy applications. This really added tremendous challenges to this whole effort.

We proposed to first understand the current applications and dissect the findings into meaningful knowledge pieces which will be necessary and useful for re-engineering and re-developing the applications on the new technology stack. It was not easy. But we had to take the plunge. We thought through a clear reverse engineering strategy which was purely based on code walk through, a bottom-approach for reverse engineering.

The following article gives you the approach details we had adopted in this case. Which we are very sure will still be useful for any such efforts. We put this approach in to use. Results were phenomenal. Our team successfully dissected the old applications and created a knowledge repository for these applications, which not only helped in re-engineering but also remained as documented assets for future.

If you wish look at the copy of the approach we had defined and adopted, please read/download the below article.

    01-06-2017         12 : 21 PM

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