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Successful completion of UAT - Getting out of the Chakravuha or Maze

By Keshav Tripathy

Doing a bespoke software development project is always very exciting and full of challenges. It is like a mythical chakravuha or a complex maze with immense uncertainity. Hence one needs to enter into the project in the right way by understanding the user requirements clearly. Second, one also needs to come out of it successfully ensuring user satisfaction by completing the UAT (User Acceptance Testing). The reason we compare this with the proverbial "Chakravuha" or "Maze" is that careful planning for both entry and exit is essential. I am sure many of you who have been managing Software Development projects would have experienced the classical challenge of getting stuck infinitely while trying to obtain user acceptance so that the project can be closed successfully.

It becomes all the more challenging when this is a Fixed Bid Project.

The attached article provides a comprehensive guideline for succesful UAT. This was developed by us during one of the most challenging software development projects encompassing large number of use cases, very large number of team members and stakeholders. Hope you will be find this very useful in your next project.

    01-06-2017         2 : 52 PM

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