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Sinking Ship of VASA - Great lessons in project management

By Sunil Agrawala,PMP

Failures most often are greatest source of learning for human kind. Project management is always very challenging. It is the ability to manage the uknowns, future changes effectively with solid leadership is key to successful project management. Here is a story of a sinking ship named "VASA", which became a grand failure. This is a true fact from history. Around the 17th century, Europe was going through immense turmoil of power struggle between various countries. King of Sweden, then, wanted to build naval warfare supremacy in comparison to other countries in the region. 

He decides to build a grand battel ship which can have 48 gun barrels placed. Ambitions were big. Intent was magnificent. A grand and beautiful ship was built and named "VASA". When it was set on sail with huge fun fare, the VASA finally sinks, hardly 1 mile into the sea, on a sunny beautiful day. VASA is kept in a meuseum in Sweden even today.

This failure provides immense valuable lessons on project management. Download to read the detailed story and lessons learnt on project management.

    02-06-2017         2 : 59 PM

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