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A Product Development Company

Nirmalya Labs Private Limited is a product development company, founded by techno-entrepreneurs from National Institute of Technology (NIT) and Florida Institute of Technology, USA. Team has a proven track record of building world-class enterprise software products, solutions and executing complex software projects.

The leadership team has varied industry experience; worked in leading software product development, Services and Consulting companies. We promise to bring to the table a broad and open outlook towards ideas shaped by over 130 Man years of experience of passionate professionals in managing Innovation, Technology, People, Customer and the Stake Holders with the specific purpose of delivering High Quality Products and projects.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

Order Management System (nORMS) is a well adopted product in market, various customers around the world are using on-preemies and cloud hosted successfully. Using nORMS sell 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our highly reliable SaaS infrastructure. We provide all the software, hardware and support to keep your business running. There is no hardware to buy, no software to support and no hosting headaches. We’ll manage everything, we’ll keep your business online and we’ll keep your IT costs to a minimum. You focus on your business, let us manage your IT.
Key Features
1) Business Insight And Remote Management

Beyond the operational improvements for your business, nORMS comes with powerful management tools. With nORMS, managers can review daily orders and inventory levels remotely. Your sales team, in-house and outside, can manage their accounts 24/7 and be notified of any customer activity. And your customers can better manage their orders and delivery schedules.

2) Customer And Order Management

nORMS provides your customers with a simple, effective and custom online sales process that helps them easily order items from your company/organizations and then, have the ability to track the status of those orders all the way to delivery. By giving customers access to their information, you will bypass any need for them to contact your sales staff with simple questions they can answer themselves. Some of the key features that you should be looking for in your customer management software include:

Order information and history : Let your customers check on the status of their orders and provide them with additional order information to limit support queries. Additionally, let your customers check out previous orders that they have made with your company/organization.

Stock Information : As a wholesaler/retailer, you spend a lot of time informing customers about the stock on hand for a variety of items. Allow them to gain access to real time stock information directly on your website.

Shipping Information : Let your customers check out their shipping details as soon as an order is shipped.

24/7 Availability : Give customers access to their account information 24 hours a day from wherever they are.

3) Sales Person Management

It is imperative that your employees are able to quickly find information that they need, and deliver that information quickly to customers as needed. Order fulfillment is a time consuming process and the best step that you can take is to ensure that you give your sales reps the necessary tools to perform their job quickly and efficiently. Some of the features you should look for regarding sales person from your online order management platform include:

B2B online order forms : Make it easy for your sales team to place customer orders online from wherever they are.

Track and access customer information : Your sales person should be able to quickly access customer information to provide a better sales experience.

4) Inventory Management

The product has basic features to manage your stock and plan for procurement. However features like integration with current information, electronic transmission of orders for shipment, and availability of shipping information can help to simplify logistics and help ensure you are accurately fulfilling each order that is placed into your system will be provided with additional cost as per customer requirements.

5) Integration with Payment gateway

The product has features to integrate with various payment gateways for on-line transactions.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

nHRM is a opensource comprehensive Human Resource Management System, which facilitates all the essential functionalities required for any enterprise starting from joining to payroll to exit.
Key Modules
1) Administration & User Roles
2) Personnel Information Management
3) Leave Management System
4) Time and Attendance Management
5) Payroll
6) Dashboard

Administration & User Roles

Administration module is the key point to access and control core HR functions, with an extensive set of tools to extract and analyze data. Admin & User Roles allow for complete definition of use in the system by different employees. This module allows organization to restrict or give access to assigned users based on job title/role/designation.

Personnel Information Management

This helps organization to centralize employee data, no matter where the employee located. With this feature, organizations can enjoy fast and efficient access at your fingertips, through selection and filter criteria you can customize depending on your organization. Also, having powerful reporting tools to create reports on demand like Head Count, Termination Turnover, Job and Salary. 

Leave Management System

Leave management is very critical aspect for any organization for smoot operation. Our leave management module has ability to manage leave and create multiple leave types depending on company or policies. With our Leave Management System, organizations can create multiple leave types such as Vacation, Sick, Maternity, etc quickly and easily with company and polices; ensuring organization is always compliant. Also having features like leave carry forward, and accumulation leave based on employment status, job titles, service period, gender and job category.

Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance is crucial part for any organization to make strategic decisions based on accurately reported data. nHMRS’s provides features like timesheets, attendance, task and project management, which can be easily managed, making time to focus on strategic priorities. Organizations can quickly and easily create reports and plan accordingly. This module allows organizations to receive email alerts based on timesheets, approvals of timesheets and leave just by one click.


Payroll management is one of the most important business processes of company performs, yet one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming daily activities. It doesn’t generate direct revenues, so keeping this process to bare minimum in time and cost means savings and more efficiency to your business. That is why organizations need payroll software, so that they can focus on revenue-generating strategies and daily core tasks. Payroll module automatically calculate wages based on your preset schedule: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This module consolidates wage-related items like attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, withholding taxes, terms and policies, etc. to compute wages. Most solutions need only to be manually set up with your rules, then the system takes over the payroll process.


Our Dashboard module integrates information from all nHRMS modules into a unified display. The module gives organization a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting functions. Every user/employee will have his own dashboard and he/she can do all desired tasks and activities based on the role and responsibilities. Employees can generate leave balance reports, track reimbursements, view/print pays lips, and tax reports.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

nCRM  is an open source Customer Relationship Management CRM software product from Nirmalya Labs Private Limited. It’s is a compact enterprise grade marketing, sales and customer service platform designed for business CRM applications. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use, sales, marketing, and customer service system for businesses which heavily leverage their web sites to retain and acquire customers. nCRM allows customers to see value and a ROI relatively quickly while also giving them the flexibility to grow and utilize nCRM’s rich functionality.
Key Features
Contacts  Accounts Marketing Workflow Automation Calendar Reports Charts Media Products Administrator


Contacts are the core of any CRM. You can search through contacts based on matching criteria, organize lists of contacts with attribute filters, view contact location heat maps, and more. You can create, search, view, edit, delete, email, organize, quotes-invoice, status change update to email, view current process-stage, attach-upload, location-on-map, heat-map, history-process-graph, history process-records, service case, tag-adding for (process-stage), deal confidence score, sales pipe line chart, and many more.


You can find a list of client accounts and view their fiscal records with your organization. Accounts are generally companies or organizations whose associates are your contacts. These records are easily created with a minimum of required fields. You can create and assign to colleague or list of representatives, edit, update, delete, view filter shot, list, details, account contact info, amount of sales, process stages, relationships, share via email, Accounts Reporting, attach file or photo, account reporting, email contacts, and much more.


There is a powerful set of tools for disseminating sales offers and automating responses to leads. Campaigns create and add campaign image or logo, view (type, name, description, and status ( i.e. whether it is active, complete, public visibility, and its assigned users, update, delete etc.), action history, new events, logging call, new action, adding a new comment etc. Newsletter (a type of campaign) create and assign with list, embedded code for email sign up with contact list update feature, email template for newsletter with dynamic variable, with real time feedback status.


It breakdowns business processes into successive stages like category (like status of sales, relation with client, new employee (resume received, training etc.), create, delete, arrange, set, apply, funnel diagram (anywhere there is staged progression). Companies can use the workflow to manage and keep track of your sales progress.


It’s highly customizable visual marketing automation tool which allows marketers to build preprogrammed marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors. Customer can create opportunities, view opportunities and take action.  Actions : Users can view their own tasks, activities, and to do lists, as well as those made public by their colleagues. Users can create action, view action and take necessary actions based on business need.


It provides overview of actions and events that you or members of your team have created. You can create action, view calendar and manage.


It allows you to easily sort and display data in nCRM as a chart or specialized grid. Various kind of reports like summary report, Rows & Column report, and Grid report can be created on fly.


It’s best way to visualize the data you have generated with a report. Once customer saved a report, a charting dashboard will appear the report page. All charts created from a report will show up on this dashboard. This dashboard is public to all users, but customer can add clones of charts to their profile page or a personal chart only dashboard. Various kinds of charts like grid chart, summary chart, Rows & Column chart can be generated.



 Media is vital part of marketing, nCRM provides features to share and exchange files with your team from time to time. You can upload Photos and share documents, and much more.


Administrators can create product, product information, including name, type, cost per unit, inventory, status, and a product description. Administrator can view products, modify and delete products as per the requirement. 


Admin interface provides a wide range of tools, and services, to manage nCRM. Administration has User management, Workflow, System settings, email configuration, etc.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

nPOWR AS is an opensource data virtualization and analysis product, where data mining can be done though python scripting or visual programming. Product has features for text mining, machine learning and data analytics. nPOWER has user interface and widgets, where user can create data analysis workflow easily. Widgets has functionalities like reading the data, showing the data, visualizing data elements, etc. Users can easily explore visualizations or feed the selected subset into other widgets. nPOWER comes with multiple classification and regression algorithms, and there are features to create new one by adding desired preprocessing to construct the new variants. nPOWER has features like Exploratory Data Analysis, Intelligent Visualizations, Reporting, Component-Based Data Mining, Interactive Data Exploration, Smart Workflow Design Interface, Smart Visualizations of networks, geographical maps, and more., etc.
Key Modules
Data Virtualization
Visual Programming
Extend Functionalities
Widgets for Industry Specific Needs

nPOWER is an opensource data virtualization and analysis product, where data mining can be done though python scripting or visual programming. Product has features for text mining, machine learning and data analytics. nPOWER has user interface and widgets, where user can create data analysis workflow easily. Widgets has functionalities like reading the data, showing the data, visualizing data elements, etc. Users can easily explore visualizations or feed the selected subset into other widgets. nPOWER comes with multiple classification and regression algorithms, and there are features to create new one by adding desired preprocessing to construct the new variants. nPOWER has features like Exploratory Data Analysis, Intelligent Visualizations, Reporting, Component-Based Data Mining, Interactive Data Exploration, Smart Workflow Design Interface, Great Visualizations of networks, geographical maps, and more., etc.

 Data Virtualization

nPOWER interactive data visualization is to uncover hidden data patterns, provide intuition behind data analysis procedures. Our visualization widgets include scatter plot, box plot and histogram, and model-specific visualizations like dendrogram, silhouette plot, and tree visualizations, just to mention a few. It provides multiple visualizations like Scatter plot, Box plot, Projection plot and Heat map. Scatter plot is great for visualizing correlations between pair of attributes, box plot for displaying basic statistics, heat map to provide an overview across entire data set, and projection plots like MDS for plotting the multinomial data in two dimensions.  Reporting is the most critical aspects for analytics and nPOWER provides the most important visualizations, statistics and information about the models into the report with a single click. It includes smart reporting where user can access workflow history for every widget and visualization directly from the report.

 Visual Programming

Smart and simple user interface helps users to focus on data analysis instead on putting lots of effort on coding and developing complex data analytics pipelines. Component Based Data Mining helps users to do data analysis by stacking components into workflows. Each component, called a widget, embeds some data retrieval, preprocessing, visualization, modeling or evaluation task. Combining different widgets in a workflow enables user to build comprehensive data analysis schemas with readymade widgets as per user’s choice. With Interactive Data Exploration, if widgets are open, user can immediately see the results of any changes in that data, parameters of the methods or selections in interactive visualizations. Smart Workflow Design Interface suggests the widgets that can be connected to other widgets.

 Extend Functionalities

nPOWER provides various add-ons for mining data from external data sources, perform natural language processing and text mining, conduct network analysis, infer frequent itemset and do association rules mining. New functionalities as per users need can be easily created by adding desired preprocessing to construct the new variants.

 Widgets for Industry Specific Needs

nPOWER provides ready to user templates and widgets for healthcare, T&D, etc. Customers can make use of the templates and create their analytics reports without having a Data Scientists on board to do the analytics. Nirmalya Labs expert team will help the customers to generate their reports as per their specific needs.

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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

The profitability of DISCOMs is directly governed by the ‘meter-to-cash’ cycle and total energy accounting process. With the businesses looking for newer and cost-effective ways to meet their regulatory, operational and sustainability obligations, Utilities require more than just the simple revenue management system to address the challenges they face.

NiPravaah integrates connection services, revenue management and customer relationship management to streamline the entire process chain.It’s user-friendly GUI interface offers data mining and reporting in order to help utilities identify operational bottlenecks, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and facilitate accurate energy audit. The solution is customisable and easily integrates with the Utility’s existing applications such as its GIS. With a shorter learning curve for teams, and the ability to improve workplace efficiency, iPravaah creates better revenue awareness, ultimately leading to profitability and higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Key Feature
Centralised data storage for quick information access

Access to complete consumer revenue history

Configurable and rule-based billing engine

SMS and email notifications to consumers and field crew

Provision to integrate with Mobility and GIS solutions

Easy integration with legacy systems

Product Suite

The iPravaah product suite offers support across four key areas:
Customer service
Operations management
Revenue management
MIS & dashboard

Solution Benefits

Increased efficiency in billing and collections
Improved revenues through reduction in losses
Adaptability to future tariff and regulatory changes
Effective planning and monitoring of cash flows
Business insight into day-to-day revenue operations
Real-time, informed and timely decision making



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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

Power distribution utilities and franchises require accuracy in managing revenue and data, and currently face challenges in fulfilling this need. With a growing need for mobility solutions, these utilities require solutions which can empower both the back-office and field crew, and provide them with the latest information which can improve operational efficiency and bring revenue benefits.

Nirmalya mPravaah is a unique and proven solution which brings the power of mobility to address the challenges of revenue reconciliation, workforce management, and need for real-time updates. Built on the Android platform, mPravaah reduces billing cycle time, improves metering accuracy, facilitates on-time billing reconciliation, monitors field crew and allows for network updates. Our solution allows for two-way communication of handheld device with the billing engine to enforce total energy accounting and capture information for updating network data. The mobile solution integrates seamlessly with the legacy billing andGIS systems. In addition, the solution offers consumer selfservice, leading to improved consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.
Key Feature
GPS enabled

Works offline

Allows for real time data synchronisation

SMS and email notifications to consumers and field crew

Enables additional work allocation

Provides reporting and MIS

Connects with various printers

User-friendly GUI

Offers different modes of data capture, i.e., eyeball, IR, RF

Provides access to the latest information

Easy integration with legacy systems

Product Suite

The mPravaah product suite offers support across four key areas:

NmPravaah MBC: Allows DISCOMS to take the metering, billing and collection processes to the next level. Improves the workforce efficiency by as much as 50 percent when compared with the utility’s legacy solutions
NmPravaah CIS: Provides DISCOMS personnel to gain access to the consumer’s metering, billing, profile and collection data during site visits. In addition, the solution gives information on the consumer’s consumption pattern
NmPravaah CSS: Empowers DISCOM consumers to access their profile, metering and revenue information using state-of-the-art mobile self-service. Consumers can also give their feedback to the DISCOM which can help improve services and increase customer satisfaction.

Solution Benefits

Real time tracking of the workforce
Optimised route plan from historical data
Efficient use of resources
Improved workflow reporting
Network updates on the go
Reduced billing cycle
Accurate energy accounting
Increased customer satisfaction

Consumer Index


Consumer Index


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Nirmalya Labs Private Limited

Managing a reliable grid cost-effectively, is a growing challenge for utilities, particularly when viewed in the larger context of system complexity, aging assets, and increased customer expectations. Improving assets performance is a pressing issue in ensuring reliability for the utilities. Capturing data and record keeping are at the heart of asset management. This data can come from multiple sources throughout the organization. Existing methods comprise of multiple independent tele-supervisory subsystems, with a decentralized configuration, designed to measure and monitor individual or a group of assets. There is not a single system that can integrate and share information amongst the various systems and provide a holistic view for all utility assets.

Our Asset Management System (nPravaahAMS) developed on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, resides on top of all disparate utility systems and provides a consolidated view of the assets from a central location. This system integrates information from various existing systems such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Substation Automation System (SAS), Distribution Automation System (DAS), Advanced Meter Infrastructure(AMI) etc. as well communicate with intelligent and communicable devices like energy meters, remote terminal unit (RTU), remote monitoring unit (RMU), and other equipment. The collated data is analyzed using intelligent algorithms and helps in real time decision support to the utility managers by giving them a complete overview of asset performance across the utility. This also helps in proactive asset maintenance deferring large capex requirements due to system breakdown.
Key Solutions
Monitoring of asset performance and decision support

Scalable to handle multiple types and number of assets

Central Data Repository with powerful data analytics

Geographic information system(GIS) mapping of key assets

Last mile connectivity using own sensors

Interoperability with all third party sensors

Middle-ware platform capable of converting multiple data formats


Real time Decision Support
Increase Network efficiency and reliability
Cost Savings with Operations and Maintenance reduction
Enabled proactive asset health management

Technical Features

Role-based dashboards with configurable workflow
Alarms and Events monitoring
Customizable alerts and escalations
Graphical, easy and cross-device ready user interface
Secure access to local and remote, web and cloud applications
Configurable visualization web pages for data rendering and Management Information System(MIS) dashboards


Outage monitoring and reporting
Key Performance Indicator benchmarking and monitoring
GIS and MIS dashboards Transformer and feeder performancemonitoring and comparisons
Substation-wise performance comparison Energy audits
Renewable and Electric Vehicle(EV) integration support

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