nHRM is a opensource comprehensive Human Resource Management System, which facilitates all the essential functionalities required for any enterprise starting from joining to payroll to exit.

1)Administration & User Roles

Administration module is the key point to access and control core HR functions, with an extensive set of tools to extract and analyze data. Admin & User Roles allow for complete definition of use in the system by different employees. This module allows organization to restrict or give access to assigned users based on job title/role/designation..

2) Personnel Information Management

This helps organization to centralize employee data, no matter where the employee located. With this feature, organizations can enjoy fast and efficient access at your fingertips, through selection and filter criteria you can customize depending on your organization. Also, having powerful reporting tools to create reports on demand like Head Count, Termination Turnover, Job and Salary.

3) Leave Management System

Leave management is very critical aspect for any organization for smoot operation. Our leave management module has ability to manage leave and create multiple leave types depending on company or policies. With our Leave Management System, organizations can create multiple leave types such as Vacation, Sick, Maternity, etc quickly and easily with company and polices; ensuring organization is always compliant. Also having features like leave carry forward, and accumulation leave based on employment status, job titles, service period, gender and job category.

4) Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance is crucial part for any organization to make strategic decisions based on accurately reported data. nHMRS’s provides features like timesheets, attendance, task and project management, which can be easily managed, making time to focus on strategic priorities. Organizations can quickly and easily create reports and plan accordingly. This module allows organizations to receive email alerts based on timesheets, approvals of timesheets and leave just by one click.

5) Payroll

Payroll management is one of the most important business processes of company performs, yet one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming daily activities. It doesn’t generate direct revenues, so keeping this process to bare minimum in time and cost means savings and more efficiency to your business. That is why organizations need payroll software, so that they can focus on revenue-generating strategies and daily core tasks. Payroll module automatically calculate wages based on your preset schedule: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This module consolidates wage-related items like attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, withholding taxes, terms and policies, etc. to compute wages. Most solutions need only to be manually set up with your rules, then the system takes over the payroll process.

6) Dashboard

The Our Dashboard module integrates information from all nHRMS modules into a unified display. The module gives organization a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting functions. Every user/employee will have his own dashboard and he/she can do all desired tasks and activities based on the role and responsibilities. Employees can generate leave balance reports, track reimbursements, view/print pays lips, and tax reports.

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