We provide the necessary competitive edge to your business and help you create an agile and efficient organization, maximize opportunities, anticipate demand better and respond to it effectively.

1) Business Insight And Remote Management

Beyond the operational improvements for your business, nORMS comes with powerful management tools. With nORMS, managers can review daily orders and inventory levels remotely. Your sales team, in-house and outside, can manage their accounts 24/7 and be notified of any customer activity. And your customers can better manage their orders and delivery schedules.

2) Customer And Order Management

nORMS provides your customers with a simple, effective and custom online sales process that helps them easily order items from your company/organizations and then, have the ability to track the status of those orders all the way to delivery. By giving customers access to their information, you will bypass any need for them to contact your sales staff with simple questions they can answer themselves. Some of the key features that you should be looking for in your customer management software include:

2) Customer And Order Management

Order information and history : Let your customers check on the status of their orders and provide them with additional order information to limit support queries. Additionally, let your customers check out previous orders that they have made with your company/organization.

Stock Information : As a wholesaler/retailer, you spend a lot of time informing customers about the stock on hand for a variety of items. Allow them to gain access to real time stock information directly on your website.

Shipping Information : Let your customers check out their shipping details as soon as an order is shipped.

24/7 Availability : Give customers access to their account information 24 hours a day from wherever they are.

3) Sales Person Management

It is imperative that your employees are able to quickly find information that they need, and deliver that information quickly to customers as needed. Order fulfillment is a time consuming process and the best step that you can take is to ensure that you give your sales reps the necessary tools to perform their job quickly and efficiently. Some of the features you should look for regarding sales person from your online order management platform include:

B2B online order forms : Make it easy for your sales team to place customer orders online from wherever they are.

Track and access customer information : Your sales person should be able to quickly access customer information to provide a better sales experience.

4) Inventory Management

We The product has basic features to manage your stock and plan for procurement. However features like integration with current information, electronic transmission of orders for shipment, and availability of shipping information can help to simplify logistics and help ensure you are accurately fulfilling each order that is placed into your system will be provided with additional cost as per customer requirements.

5) Integration with Payment gateway

The product has features to integrate with various payment gateways for on-line transactions.

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