nPOWR AS is an opensource data virtualization and analysis product, where data mining can be done though python scripting or visual programming. Product has features for text mining, machine learning and data analytics. nPOWER has user interface and widgets, where user can create data analysis workflow easily.
Widgets has functionalities like reading the data, showing the data, visualizing data elements, etc. Users can easily explore visualizations or feed the selected subset into other widgets. nPOWER comes with multiple classification and regression algorithms, and there are features to create new one by adding desired preprocessing to construct the new variants. nPOWER has features like Exploratory Data Analysis, Intelligent Visualizations, Reporting, Component-Based Data Mining, Interactive Data Exploration, Smart Workflow Design Interface, Smart Visualizations of networks, geographical maps, and more., etc.

1)Data Virtualization

nPOWER interactive data visualization is to uncover hidden data patterns, provide intuition behind data analysis procedures. Our visualization widgets include scatter plot, box plot and histogram, and model-specific visualizations like dendrogram, silhouette plot, and tree visualizations, just to mention a few. It provides multiple visualizations like Scatter plot, Box plot, Projection plot and Heat map. Scatter plot is great for visualizing correlations between pair of attributes, box plot for displaying basic statistics, heat map to provide an overview across entire data set, and projection plots like MDS for plotting the multinomial data in two dimensions. Reporting is the most critical aspects for analytics and nPOWER provides the most important visualizations, statistics and information about the models into the report with a single click. It includes smart reporting where user can access workflow history for every widget and visualization directly from the report.

2) Visual Programming

Smart and simple user interface helps users to focus on data analysis instead on putting lots of effort on coding and developing complex data analytics pipelines. Component Based Data Mining helps users to do data analysis by stacking components into workflows. Each component, called a widget, embeds some data retrieval, preprocessing, visualization, modeling or evaluation task. Combining different widgets in a workflow enables user to build comprehensive data analysis schemas with readymade widgets as per user’s choice. With Interactive Data Exploration, if widgets are open, user can immediately see the results of any changes in that data, parameters of the methods or selections in interactive visualizations. Smart Workflow Design Interface suggests the widgets that can be connected to other widgets.

3) Extend Functionalities

nPOWER provides various add-ons for mining data from external data sources, perform natural language processing and text mining, conduct network analysis, infer frequent itemset and do association rules mining. New functionalities as per users need can be easily created by adding desired preprocessing to construct the new variants.

4) Widgets for Industry Specific Needs

nPOWER provides ready to user templates and widgets for healthcare, T&D, etc. Customers can make use of the templates and create their analytics reports without having a Data Scientists on board to do the analytics. Nirmalya Labs expert team will help the customers to generate their reports as per their specific needs.

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