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NirmalyaLabs is featured in CIOReview magazine among the 10 Most Promising SaaS Startups in India.

The team has proven its mettle in the past by developing a Hybrid Test Automation Framework using Open Source Stack. This later became a turning point for the company when two leading product organizations adopted this framework to automate the testing process. With a motto"You focus on the business; we handle the engineering", founding team (Biraja, Keshav, Sunil and Sulekh) has a vision to bring the open outlook of twenty five plus years of experience converged towards Managing Technology, People, Customer, Team, Stake Holders, Programs and Projects

Nirmalya Labs is developing solutions for Printing / Digital Media, Smart Agriculture and Supply Chain, Power Distribution / Commissioning, and Consumer rights. The availability of these products and solutions in SaaS model has fetched cost effectiveness to customers by allowing the users to continue to get the latest features while eliminating unnecessary investments in own hardware The product development industry is ever changing due to the nature of the business itself. It’s all about innovation, being different, getting to market first and keeping up with product demand trends. Coupled with SaaS model offering, there is no downfall in the product market. Headquartered in California with an Indian office in Bhubaneshwar, Nirmalya Labs is an endeavor initiated by accomplished, matured and experienced founders. The combined experience of the founders goes beyond 100 man years. Nirmalya Labs’ areas of focus revolves around business analytics, product engineering and development, cutting edge mobile and web solutions, and test automation frameworks to name a few. More so, the company’s strengths enlist OpenEdge, Microsoft /JAVA/OSS, Mobile /Android /iOS, Selenium and others. Nirmalya Labs wishes to become a leader in offering product based solutions in SaaS model to customers. Nirmalya Labs uses Java based solutions with an integrated Java architecture platform built with enterprise ready open source software. Nirmalya Labs: Bringing Product Development and Engineering Platforms at the Comfort of SaaS Models

The emerging infrastructure of smart devices and interconnected networks represent a new environment for software that presents new challenges and offers new opportunities to software developers. In order to aid software developers and seize opportunities presented by the emerging computing environment, Nirmalya Labs has used Java and OSS,to build their compressive architecture, which helps the company to dodge obstacles and make the best use of opportunities. The company’s R&D team constantly works on OSS platforms and maintains the compressive architecture up to date. Customers need cost effective and custom solutions in quick turnaround times. Accordingly, Nirmalya Labs uses Java based solutions with an integrated Java architecture platform built with enterprise ready open source software.“We are a start-up and we need to move aggressively when it comes to technology and custom solutions”, adds Keshav Tripathy, Co founder and CEO, Nirmalya Labs..

NIRMALYA LABS recognised as a 'Startup' under the odisha policy-2016

This is to certify that NIRMALYA LABS PVT LTD incorported as a Private Limited Company vide no.U729000OR20177PTC027279 dated 13-6-2016, as per MCA21 portal is recognised as a 'Startup'under the odisha policy-2016.

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