nCRM is an open source Customer Relationship Management CRM software product from Nirmalya Labs Private Limited. It’s is a compact enterprise grade marketing, sales and customer service platform designed for business CRM applications.
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use, sales, marketing, and customer service system for businesses which heavily leverage their web sites to retain and acquire customers. nCRM allows customers to see value and a ROI relatively quickly while also giving them the flexibility to grow and utilize nCRM’s rich functionality.


Contacts are the core of any CRM. You can search through contacts based on matching criteria, organize lists of contacts with attribute filters, view contact location heat maps, and more. You can create, search, view, edit, delete, email, organize, quotes-invoice, status change update to email, view current process-stage, attach-upload, location-on-map, heat-map, history-process-graph, history process-records, service case, tag-adding for (process-stage), deal confidence score, sales pipe line chart, and many more

2) Accounts

You can find a list of client accounts and view their fiscal records with your organization. Accounts are generally companies or organizations whose associates are your contacts. These records are easily created with a minimum of required fields. You can create and assign to colleague or list of representatives, edit, update, delete, view filter shot, list, details, account contact info, amount of sales, process stages, relationships, share via email, Accounts Reporting, attach file or photo, account reporting, email contacts, and much more.

3) Marketing

There is a powerful set of tools for disseminating sales offers and automating responses to leads. Campaigns create and add campaign image or logo, view (type, name, description, and status ( i.e. whether it is active, complete, public visibility, and its assigned users, update, delete etc.), action history, new events, logging call, new action, adding a new comment etc. Newsletter (a type of campaign) create and assign with list, embedded code for email sign up with contact list update feature, email template for newsletter with dynamic variable, with real time feedback status.

4) Workflow

It breakdowns business processes into successive stages like category (like status of sales, relation with client, new employee (resume received, training etc.), create, delete, arrange, set, apply, funnel diagram (anywhere there is staged progression). Companies can use the workflow to manage and keep track of your sales progress.

5) Automation

It’s highly customizable visual marketing automation tool which allows marketers to build preprogrammed marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors. Customer can create opportunities, view opportunities and take action. Actions : Users can view their own tasks, activities, and to do lists, as well as those made public by their colleagues. Users can create action, view action and take necessary actions based on business need.

6) Reports

It allows you to easily sort and display data in nCRM as a chart or specialized grid. Various kind of reports like summary report, Rows & Column report, and Grid report can be created on fly.

7) Charts

It’s best way to visualize the data you have generated with a report. Once customer saved a report, a charting dashboard will appear the report page. All charts created from a report will show up on this dashboard. This dashboard is public to all users, but customer can add clones of charts to their profile page or a personal chart only dashboard. Various kinds of charts like grid chart, summary chart, Rows & Column chart can be generated.

8) Media

Media is vital part of marketing, nCRM provides features to share and exchange files with your team from time to time. You can upload Photos and share documents, and much more.

9) Products

Administrators can create product, product information, including name, type, cost per unit, inventory, status, and a product description. Administrator can view products, modify and delete products as per the requirement.

10) Adminstration

Admin interface provides a wide range of tools, and services, to manage nCRM. Administration has User management, Workflow, System settings, email configuration, etc.

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